Our Organisation

  As an organisation that is an affiliation with one of the world's largest direct selling company in the world, Amway, 7GlobalNet today is an expanding business organisation. What started off with experienced leaders, 7GlobalNet has now grown to almost 200 distributors and location of our business centre has been changed to facilitate our ever growing organisation with a much better environment and surroundings.

7GlobalNet incorporates not only business building skills and techniques, but also integrates personal development such as:

  • Self-confidence
  • Reinforcing the importance of family values
  • Relive Forgotten Dreams
  • Character, Attitude & Personality
7GlobalNet provides you with an opportunity to build a business and at the same time, help others to do the same. You decide how much you want to earn through this business. This opportunity is easily adapted to your needs and ambitions and grows with them.

7GlobalNet conducts regular business preview sessions with the objective of educating the public about network marketing or as it is also known as multi-level marketing.

The business preview session provides information such as:

  1. What is Network Marketing or MLM?
  2. What is Direct Selling? 
  3. What is Illegal Pyramid Scheme?
  4. The History of Amway.
  5.  Is MLM a real business?
The business previews are conducted by leaders of 7GlobalNet